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My name is Radu Razvan.I am currently living in Chartres in the central region of France.My main interest lies in commercial and traveling photography. 

    The origins of my passion for photography lie in my childhood, when my father introduced me to the technique of black and white photography, after which I spent many days and nights in the dark room.

   I have a commercial portfolio that is both varied and attractive, meant to answer the needs of designers in various areas, including a wide range of subjects, such as: nature, traveling, culture, business, advertising, science and technology.This portfolio is largely distributed through various stock agencies. Among the clients that used my photos, I can enumerate important ones, such as: Swatch, NBC, The New York City Opera, British Encyclopedia, The Japanese Cultural Centre, The Canadian Cultural Centre, The International Food Policy Research Institute, The International Society of Blood Pressure, Iulius Mall, The Transylvanian Bank and many others.

    Besides producing commercial and stock photography, I like to travel and turn these trips into veritable photographic explorations of the places I visit. I have a special interest in the cultural,ethnic and natural aspects and I try to built up a complex portfolio to show the amazing diversity of the cultures on the Earth. Now I make regular trips and expeditions around the world on various assignments or to update my files. You can view the development of this portfolio on this website. Many of these images are exclusively presented here.

    The photos I produce are digitally processed, by myself and my team, according to the highest current standards offered by the photographic technology. My aim is to offer images of impeccable quality, which are simple and natural. You can stay connected to my all actual projects visiting regularly my blog

    I am a doctor and I specialized in nutritional and metabolic diseases. During the last year of my doctoral studies in Japan, after having published a few interesting articles on insulin secretion in beta pancreatic cells, I decided to change my trade and take up professional digital photography, which evolved from passion to profession.

During the years I have used various photographic equipment.Always I use what it is necessary to capture the best image.